Are you working the 9-5 and struggling to find the time to create content? Well, if you are a commuter– you have an advantage and you don’t even realize it. Take a look at these 5 reasons you should be creating content while commuting.

1. Plenty of Time to Think

An average commute time to work in the DC area

How often do you drive or sit on the train wasting away in a mindless void while getting to your destination? Use this time wisely and brainstorm ideas. On your smartphone you can easily jot down your ideas for a fresh Instagram post, a TikTok strategy, blog post ideas, etc. Open your notes app or the voice memo app and get to work.

 2. Podcasting

With podcasts and voice/audio as a growing trend in content consumption among most people and consumers– being a commuter is a perfect way to start a podcast. The amount of content that you can create from a car set up is staggering. You can do all of this while paying attention to the road and knocking out your daily content goals. Get a good microphone, mount a camera to your dash, or just simply use your phone– and there you have it! 

3. Video

Mount your camera on your dash, or use your phone on the train to record your vlog or podcast in the form of video. There are many legitimate set-ups that can be seen across the internet in which people are using their commutes to create video content. This allows you to create more content. Even if you record one long video — you can cut certain snippets and create micro-content to share onto various platforms.

Traffic in the DC Metro Area

4. Time Allocation

According to this article — The average American spends 26.9 minutes commuting. Do that both ways, you have a little under an hour. In some places with a higher population density, the commute is even longer. Therefore, this time allows you to get in your content so in case you want to go home to dedicate that time to other priorities– you can. 

5. It Makes the Commute Go By Faster

Taking the time to create content will only make the drive faster. You get a faster commute, and you get your content created in a space that is completely controlled by you. Get out there and create. Use every second of your commute to your advantage to creating your brand.

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