Bokeh Explorer is a blog about photography and videography in the travel niche. This blog talks about travel, photography, videography, marketing, personal growth, and anything related to travel and photography/video.

Who started Bokeh Explorer?

Bokeh Explorer was started in 2019 by CJ Mata. CJ holds a B.A. Degree in International Studies from Towson University and is working on his Masters in Educational Leadership: Spanish, from the Notre Dame of Maryland University. He has visited 12 countries and is currently working as a Middle School Spanish Teacher. Prior to teaching, he worked in marketing and did videography projects for YouTubers, musicians, businesses, non-profits, and more. His favorite country that he’s visited is Chile. In his free time he enjoys: playing guitar, photography, videography, language learning, traveling, and spending time with family.

IG: @bokehexplorer