While you are traveling you will always come across some type of issue – whether you are filming/doing photography or not. The last thing you want to be dealing with on your trip is having a camera that causes you issues. You don’t want a camera that you have to constantly look after. Something that you are scared to break or get stolen or that even might give you errors out in the field.

You want all of the features that you can get packed into a single device, that also do not take up packing space. Sadly, most DSLR’s do not cut this nor fit what I would consider an amazing travel video camera. When you bring a DSLR in the picture (pun intended) you are now sacrificing your time and leisure to deal with multiple lenses and a body that are very expensive normally, and risking being a target for robbery or by just simply breaking them.

Now obviously, everybody is going to have a different definition of what they might consider a perfect ‘travel video camera.’ For me, it includes:

  • Slow motion of at least 120fps at 1080p
  • RAW Stills
  • In-body stabilization
  • Timelapse capability at the click of a button (with no extra accessories)
  • A mic input
  • A front facing screen

This is just the bottom line of what I need in a camera when I am making travel content.

The camera I chose exceeds all of those categories. Maybe you guessed it, but the camera is the GoPro Hero 9 Black. I bought this camera right before my recent trip to Puerto Rico and I was amazed at the capabilities, the simplicity, and how far GoPro has come. Not even a few years before this, I would have never even considered having a GoPro on this list.

This camera has 110% changed the game. I didn’t need any other camera besides a drone to capture what I wanted to capture. I was easily able to slide to the left or the right between photo, video, and timelapse/hyperlapse modes. The UI on this camera is sleek and very simplistic. You could give this camera to somebody that knows absolutely nothing about cameras this GoPro and they would figure it out in no time.

Taken in Puerto Rico with the GoPro Hero 9 Black in Nov. 2020

As I mentioned before, the GoPro Hero 9 Black EXCEEDS everything I listed on what I need in a camera. This GoPro can even change lenses and has a mic input! You can vlog, do cinematic B-Roll, hyper-lapses, and have footage so stable that a gimbal is no longer needed. The stabilization alone is worth the buy at a price at just over $350 – which to me that is worth every penny, considering even a 10,000 top of the line DSL does not have a quarter of the features and simplicity that this GoPro offers.

All in all – the GoPro Hero 9 Black just does it. The only thing I feel like I’m missing is DSLR quality lenses and video styles. I love that cinematic B-roll of a DSLR with a bokeh lens at slow motion. Yet, when I’m traveling I’m willing to take the hit to use the GoPro 9 because it just makes up for it in so many areas. If you can afford to bring both this GoPro, a DSLR with a few lenses, and a drone… You will be unstoppable.

All in all, you don’t even need all of that. I would be perfectly happy with this GoPro knowing I can do virtually anything I wanted to without the hassle of taking up space, annoying lenses, or becoming a target. The GoPro is small, sleek, and practically indestructible. This is the perfect travel video camera for newbie content creators all the way to the veterans.

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