I don’t know what it’s like to stay stagnant, and from that I can offer you a different perspective. Growing up as a Navy brat, I had no choice but to relocate every couple of years or so. I went to 13 different schools and have lived in places from Key West, Florida, to Sigonella, Italy. This idea for the normal person that has not been able to leave their hometown is probably foreign. We’ve all heard about people doing this, but the idea of doing it sounds unattainable or something people just don’t do where you live. 

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Maybe you live in a small town where it’s a simple, good life and you are just fine where you are at. I will never say not to do what makes you happy, but I want to try to change your perspective.

Anyways, to jump right into it, you should leave your hometown because you need to change the pattern, escape your comfort zone, find new passions, meet new people, and to get lost.

The Andes Mountains – @BokehExplorer

It’s funny when the ‘basic bitches’ always study abroad and they say they are going to go find themselves. Honestly, it’s partially true. While it sounds cliche and silly, when you go out and leave your hometown and comfort zone – You find out A LOT.

Either you are going to hate it and want to return home in a week, or you are going to love every second of it and want more of the rush of traveling & adventure. I’ve met many people in which traveling was just not their thing, and that’s fine. My point is, is that if you’ve never tried it at least a few times, you just never know. It is the same thing with anything in life. Traveling is at the top of that list because it will change your mentality and world view completely. It can only make you a better person and will force you to learn things about yourself that you never knew before. 

You might not be moved completely and you might just compare the experience the whole time to where you live or your country, but when you make the move; try to break out of that and enjoy it for what it is. People do things differently everywhere. Nobody is right, and nobody is wrong. This is human society and nature in general. 

So, it is easy to do this and you don’t need that much money like most people would have you believe. Traveling has become incredibly cheap. So much, that many places are changing their laws with how they handle tourists. People are traveling more now than we ever have in human civilization. 

You obviously need a budget, which of course you set for yourself based on your situation. And of course, everyone’s situation is different and depends on practicality. But if you set goals, and have the vision set – you can do anything. So set your budget and start saving. Even if it’s $20 a week. You’ll eventually get there and of course if you are trying to travel and escape with a family and kids, it will be even harder. Just take that vacation. Your kids will appreciate it. For all you single folks out there, now is the time. Go. 

My first ever VLOG episode before I went to Chile. I had no idea.

First. Use Google Maps to look at the map or just figure out where you want to go. You can use Trip Advisor to look at reviews, things to do, food and everything else. There are also other resources such as YouTube and just basic Google searches to find the specific travel destination information that you will need.

Oh, but flights are expensive! Not really. If you plan correctly you can literally find $50 round trip tickets to destinations on budget airlines like Spirit (US) or RyanAir (Europe). (Keep in mind your bags because they charge based on what you bring.) I saw just the other day $300 round trip tickets to Europe and other destinations from the United States. That is a huge deal considering normally it would cost thousands. So keep in mind, flights can be insanely cheap. Just do your research and plan ahead. Non-peak times will obviously give you better rates as well. 

Next comes the hotel situation. Well, it can be expensive or very cheap depending on the type of person you are and how crazy you want to go. I’m writing this for all of the people who are budget traveling, so I will tell you the cheapest options. Hostels and AirBnb’s. Hostels are generally communal spaces where you would be sharing a bunk or room with other travelers. To be honest, this is my favorite way to travel as well as the cheapest and the best way to meet other travelers. Especially if you are solo traveling. I’ve seriously crashed in hostels for $10 a night and had the time of my life. Moving on up in the world you can get an AirBnb. This could be anything from a hostel, to a private room all the way to an entire mansion. You pick how low you want to go on the totem pole. They are practical and an excellent way to be like a local and a cheap way to have nice accommodations because generally, Airbnb’s are cheaper than hotels. 

For transportation, get a collective van from a desk at the airport. They are usually cheaper than Uber-ing or a taxi and you can meet other travelers. Otherwise the options are clear. Keep this in mind when booking your living accommodations and check on the map how far everything is. Don’t put yourself in a dumb situation to save $4.

Eating out can obviously be expensive. I’ve eaten out or went to the grocery store and cooked my own food. That’s the cheapest option. Usually hostels and AirBnb’s have access to communal kitchens where you can prepare your food. 

Lastly, have fun and find what you want to do. I’ve done things from guided tours all the way to hitchhiking and carving my own path. Depends on how crazy you are. 

Hitchhiking in Argentina @BokehExplorer

So if you decide to take a small trip and get out of your comfort zone, there you have it. The building blocks to get started. 

Apart from the short term traveling… Go live somewhere else for a while. Obviously this is a larger commitment that requires more thinking and dedication. It’s easier said than done. I would like to say for anybody in a ‘stuck’ situation that has never left home, it is easy and there are many options. From the Peace Corps, to the military, to studying abroad and learning a language, or an internship/work visa somewhere. Give it a try and get out there. Everything we do takes work and time.

The benefits of leaving your hometown will stay with you for the rest of your life. From gaining valuable, self-enhancing experiences to even learning a foreign language you will be changed positively for the rest of your life. Even if you go and give it a try and you find out that you hate it after one week. Well, at least you found out you didn’t like it and you can go back home and do what makes you happy. I would at least give it multiple chances before you make up your mind. People have bad experiences all the time. There are certain places I could care less about visiting again for that reason. My point, is for the small percentage of people that are able to give this a try and find something that makes them happy. To grow as a person, and to expand your horizons – Will change your life forever.